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May 30, 2019

Check out this great interview with AEMP's Chairman of the Board, Mason Ford, CEM where we discuss the upcoming strategic planning summit and the trajectory of the equipment management profession. The Leadership Summit will be different this year in that we won't be having our normal committee meetings, but we still need YOUR participation more than ever before. Our work at this event will set AEMP’s direction for years to come.

The AEMP Board of Directors will be setting the strategic direction of the association which in turn will help our committees focus their efforts. This renewed strategic plan and will help our committees know they are on the right track as new initiatives and tactics are used in alignment with the broader goals of the association.  

Our members’ input and expertise is crucially needed for this discussion and strategic planning process. In essence, this new strategic plan will make your valued work as a volunteer committee member even more impactful. So if you are up for the challenge and want your voice to be heard - it is time to roll up your sleeves. We need YOU!

Our facilitator, Cyntha Mills, CAE is a ‘heavy- hitter” in strategic planning, and will help us stay on task and build a solid plan for the future. The outcome and deliverables that come out of this event will be an achievable, actionable strategic plan that the AEMP Board and Committee Leadership can use to move the organization into the future. As a knowledgeable equipment management professional actively working in the construction industry, we need your input or this decision making process!

The Summit will feature facilitated discussions around innovations that are changing the way the construction industry is doing business and the impact this has on AEMP's future.