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Sep 4, 2019

IGNITE Your Career with the IGNITE Learning Lab

We had the opportunity to meet with Jim Schug of FMI to talk about this educational event.  Through IGNITE,  Jim leads interactive classroom discussions based upon real and conceptualized case studies covering the 17 core competencies of equipment management and how these skills are integrated in real situations. Listen in to learn more about this professional development opportunity and how it ties to the broader educational offerings from AEMP from conferences to certification. 

The IGNITE Learning Lab is an intense two-and-a-half day learning experience focused on the application of the knowledge gained from the Career Equipment Fleet Manager (CEFM) manual.  While this is not a preparatory course for the Certified Equipment Manager (CEM) or Certified Equipment Support Professional (CESP) examinations, IGNITE will help attendees turn what they have studied into practical skills.  The program includes lectures, group discussion and activities designed to take a ‘deeper dive’ into the knowledge and skills needed for successful equipment managers and equipment support professionals.  IGNITE is an opportunity to immerse the attendee in the first-hand experiences of leading experts as they network with their peers and gain valuable industry insight.  IGNITE is part of the broader AEMP University of educational offerings for Equipment Managers worldwide.